Welcome to the Tallahassee-Leon County
Community Carbon Footprint Calculator!

How large is your carbon footprint? Would you like to reduce your impact to our planet?

Use the calculator to estimate the annual or monthly Carbon Footprint of your home or businesses, and look at the options provided by the Sustainable Tallahassee Carbon Fund to offset your emissions. This easy to use calculator was jointly sponsored by Leon County, City of Tallahassee and Sustainable Tallahassee and is customized to calculate greenhouse gas emissions data unique to our community.

This initial version of the calculator addresses only home/business electric consumption, travel by automobiles and airplane. Future updates of the calculator may capture carbon emissions associated with other aspects of our daily lives, like our diet, water usage, etc.

Measuring your carbon footprint and participating in the Sustainable Tallahassee Community Carbon Fund is a convenient way to help our area become more energy independent, lower energy bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Step 1: Click the logo of your energy provider


For more information on the Sustainable Tallahassee Community Carbon Fund, please click on Sustainable Tallahassee below, or call / email Sharon Liggett: 850-597-9836 sharon@sustainabletallahassee.org

Also, the City links to Go Green Tallahassee and Energy Star plus. Leon County links to Going Green, the LEAP program and Greenmapping.

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